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[국제워크샵] The Trans-Asian History of Science, Medicine, and the Environment in South Korea and Japan


2-3 September 2022 (Friday-Saturday)


Hotel Nongshim Meeting Room, Busan, South Korea & Zoom (

ID: 950 6120 6723 Password: 794428)


Day 1 (2 Sep, Friday)

13:00-13:05 Welcome Address

Sungsoo Song (Pusan National University)

13:05-13:15 Introduction

Jaehwan Hyun (& Kaori Iida)

13:15-15:25 Session 1. The Informal US Empire’s Science, Technology, and Control

Chair: Hyungsub Choi

John DiMoia, “Public Health, Quarantine, and Shaping Hygienic Borders (1945-early 1960s)”

5 min break

Jaeyoung Ha, “Decolonization through Minerals”

5 min break

Hiro Fujimoto, “Americanizing Medicine in Japan, 1900–1952: The Case of St. Luke’s International Hospital in Tokyo”

15:25-15:50 Coffee Break (25 mins)

15:50-18:00 Session 2. The Empire’s Footprint in Postwar Medicine

Chair: Hiro Fujimoto

Chang Geon Shin, “The Development of Post-“Nippon Igaku”: Scattering of “Japanese Medicine””

5 min break

Jiyoung Park, “Revisiting Americanization: Focusing on the Reformation of Public Health in South Korea, 1945-1960”

5 min break

Seungman Park, “Overlapped Traces of Two Empires: Formation of Korean Ergonomics in 1950–60s and Korea-US-Japan Knowledge Network”

Day 2 (3 Sep, Saturday)

10:00-12:10 Session 3. Trans-Asian Circulations and Obstacles

Chair: Taeho Kim

Hidekazu Sensui, “American Field Scientist Transplants Agricultural Technology into Korean Soil: A Role of American Field Research in Trans-Asian Technology Transfer”

5 min break

Jaehwan Hyun, “Cold War Complications: Japan-South Korea Collaboration and Zainichi Scientists and Engineers”

5 min break

Kaori Iida, “Trans-War Continuity and Postwar Tensions: Kawaishi Kunio’s Medical Projects in Colonial Taiwan and Postwar Hiroshima”

12:10-13:30 Lunch

13:30-15:40 Session 4. Trans-Asian Disasters, Environment, and Time

Chair: Tomohisa Sumida

Jihye Yang, “Competing Memories of Mega-dam Development in Colonial Korea: From “Science” to “Disaster”

5 min break

Takuya Miyagawa, “Traditional Time in Modern Time: Lunar Calendars in Colonial Korea and Okinawa”

5 min break

Chuyoung Won, “Breeding Jayeon: Inland Fish Farming and Nature Conservation in Postwar South Korea”

15:40-15:50 Coffee break (10 mins)

15:50-16:20 Discussion & Closing Remarks

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